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Mold-Tech Design Studio

Mold-Tech operates the most comprehensive Texture Design Studio in the world. With over 25 artisans, development technicians and engineers, dedicated to advancing the process and artistry of the mold decorating process, your options are limitless.

For more than 50 years, our state-of-the-art design studio has developed thousands of unique texture patterns for every worldwide industry. We have worked with OEM’s worldwide – both automotive and non-automotive - to design and develop product specific textures that help their products stand out from the crowd. Mold-Tech textures have become THE standard for designers and engineers worldwide.


Mold-Tech’s Design Studio Technical Center, located in Fraser MI, interfaces with each of its facilities to develop the emergent design requirements of that local market. Every Mold-Tech plant has its own in-house graphics department, which are available to assist you with your art related development.

Our Design Studio has a team of experienced designers that are dedicated solely to developing new customized textures. With the most advanced 3-D digital scanning technology, digital imaging system and rendering capability, we can quickly design textures that will
Bring Your Plastics to LIFE!

We can literally develop any texture! A swatch of fabric, a piece of wood or something that you have imagined, can all be developed into a texture pattern that will help bring a uniqueness to your product - ideas are endless.

The texture harmony of a product is as critical as the product design itself. When executed properly, textures should enhance a products appearance, not distract from it. Disharmony in a product can cause many problems beyond just the texture not matching. It can also result in color mismatch and gloss variances as well. Many times, when various processes are used to produce mating parts, or new parts are matched with old parts, the textures may not match. Mold-Tech’s Design Studio has the ability to quickly redevelop textures to achieve perfect texture harmony every time.


Save time, money and resources with Mold-Tech’s digital part wrapping technology. Virtual Texturing will allow you to quickly map, wrap and view your parts, digitally with any type of texture imaginable. This technology makes it possible to manipulate any texture to fit any specific part geometry, without distortion or seam-lines. Virtual Texturing also allows you to view your finished textured part without the need for building expensive prototype molds.


Texturing complex molds with geometric textures has always been a challenge.Due to previous limitations in the texturing process it was simply not possible to produce geometric textured parts without unsightly seams. Mold-Tech’s continued commitment to advancing the texturing process has led to a breakthrough that we call Render-Tech. Render-Tech is a Digital Part Rendering Technology that allows us to texture any type of mold with any type of texture, seamlessly! By using our own state-of-the-art Virtual Texturing software, combined with your surface data, Mold- Tech can help you produce beautiful plastic parts without the plastic look.


Mold-Tech’s Design Studio is continually involved in advanced developments with our customers. There are numerous ways we can help you implement new and inventive applications.

Mold-Tech can assist in running plaque samples for various testing and evaluation purposes. We have various plaque mold insert sizes which we can apply any desired texture too. We are also able to run almost any material required, or you can supply your specific material for us to run.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact us today.