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Spending time with a Pro can make all the difference in the world.
Mold-Tech can't fix your golf game...but if you are looking for
texture repairs, we have the experts to solve your problems - and we can do it onsite!
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The World Leader in the art and science of texturing is your best source for mold surface repair. We have the highest skilled artisan technicians in the industry. Any mold surface problem can be restored.


Texture Damage Repair
Restore the damaged area back to a perfect, harmonious texture with no distortion - any texture is repairable and any condition is salvageable.

Texture Scuff/Drag Relief
Lighten the texture in a local area to help the mold run smoothly - this is done without any texture distortion or hard-lines - smooth transitions producing a perfect part.

Weld Repair
Welded areas are repaired to blend-in undetected - remove weld hard lines - repair weld cracks / pits.

Areas where there may be burrs at a parting line can be removed without risk of flash or parting-line damage.

Texture Refurbishment / Adjustment

Restore worn texture to new condition - add texture in localized areas - adjust texture to harmonize with matching components.

Gloss Adjustments
Regloss, adjust for higher or lower gloss


On-Site Texture Repair
We will come to your facility to do the repair, saving costly press down-time and shipping costs.

In-House at Mold-Tech
To ensure the best repair possible, we recommend sending the mold to a Mold-Tech facility, as this is the most cost-effective solution.

Try-Out Support
We can have a technician on "stand-by" ready for your call, or at the try-out to do any touch-up work necessary to make the mold run perfectly.