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Services Overview:

Mold Texturing

Mold-Tech has been the world’s leader in molded textured finishes since we first developed the process back in 1955. Since then, Mold-Tech’s line of corporate texture standards have become the industry standard. From decorative, technical and functional finishes, to our state-of-the-art low-gloss and Green Technology, Mold-Tech continues to lead the texturing industry. Today, Mold-Tech textures are used in just about every industry. From automotive, medical, aerospace, architectural, building and military, Mold-Tech textures have continued to help products exceed our customers expectations. Our world-renowned Design Studio can also customize textures that can help breathe life into your products. Whether your molding process is injection, thermoforming, compression or blow molding, Mold-Tech textures can help improve your products beauty, function and durability. As the only true worldwide texturing provider, Mold-Tech is committed to working with you to help provide your customers with the best products available.

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Mold Engraving
Accugrave/Laser Tech-Laser Engraving

The engraving of logos, artwork, text and gradations into the surface of mold tooling is a quick and cost effective way to make your product unique; or to mark it with decorative or required information. Mold-Tech engravings help to eliminate secondary processes which were once necessary for part labeling.  Our Laser Engraving provides the highest quality, ultra fine detail available today.  Laser Tech can be used in any tooling material as well as graphite and copper electrodes. With over 50 years of engraving experience, and 20 laser engraving machines worldwide, Mold-Tech has developed specialized applications that have advanced our capabilities beyond anything available in the market today.

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Mold Texture Repair

When textured molds get damaged part production as well as part sales, come to a halt.  In order to keep your production moving smoothly, Mold-Tech offers professional mold texture repair by the most highly skilled technicians in the industry.  In most cases, Mold-Tech technicians can repair the damaged texture on-site at your facility.  This option saves hours of costly downtime and helps to ensure that your products get to market on time and with the quality your customers expect.  If the damaged mold needs to come to a Mold-Tech facility for repair, we offer 23 plants worldwide so there is sure to be one near you.  Remember, any mold surface problem such as texture damage, scuff/drag, weld repair and gloss deviation can be repaired.  Mold-Tech repair technicians can also restore a texture’s worn out appearance, bringing your tired, worn out texture back to looking new.  

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Low Gloss Texture Application

In 2001, Mold-Tech developed a state-of-the-art, low-gloss texture application called MicroMatte.  Using micro-laser technology, MicroMatte allows textured plastic parts to achieve gloss levels that are otherwise not possible without paint.  Today, MicroMatte is the premier low-gloss textured surface application in the world.  MicroMatte not only significantly lowers the gloss on textured plastic parts; it also helps to create a soft, rich, realistic appearance on almost any textured surfaces. 

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Design Studio
Texture Pattern Design & Development

Mold-Tech’s Design Studio is comprised of a global team of design professionals dedicated to developing the newest trends in textures and textured parts.  With the most advanced 3d digital scanning technology and digital imaging systems, we can quickly produce textures that will Bring Your Plastic to Life!  Mold-Tech’s Design Studio will give your textured plastic parts the look and feel that will set your product apart.  Let Mold-Tech’s Design Studio help you create textures that are aesthetic, artistic, tactile, organic, natural or green. The ideas are as limitless as your imagination.  

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Virtual Texturing

Now, save time, money and resources with Mold-Tech’s digital part wrapping technology. Virtual Texturing will allow you to quickly map, wrap and view your parts, digitally with any type of texture imaginable.  Virtual Texturing allows you to view your finished textured part without the need for building expensive prototype molds. 

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Render Tech
Seamless Digital Texturing

Wrapping complex parts with geometric textures has always been a challenge.  Due to previous limitations in the texturing process it was simply not possible to produce geometric textured parts without unsightly seams.  Mold-Tech’s continued commitment to advancing the texturing process has led to a breakthrough that we call Render-Tech.  Render-Tech is a Digital Part Rendering Technology that allows us to texture any type of part with any type of texture, seamlessly!  By using our advanced rendering software, combined with your surface data, Mold-Tech can help you produce beautiful plastic parts without the plastic look. 

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Prototype Part Texturing

Model-Tech was invented by Mold-Tech more than 10 years ago as a way to produce a textured part without the need for costly tooling.  By “wrapping” your part with texture, Model-Tech simulates your production parts finished textured appearance without building any tooling.  Virtually any material type can be textured with Model-Tech.  From models to SLA, SLS and fiberglass materials, Model-Tech allows you the freedom to design and market your products before a single mold is ever built.  Do you have a product evaluation or product photo shoot coming-up?  Let Model-Tech help turn your idea into a reality.  Model-Tech can also be used to wrap your part model with texture to allow for urethane casting. 

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EN/Teflon Mold & Roll Coatings

Tribocoat® is a proven composite Electroless coating that has the best combination of corrosion and wear resistance, dry lubrication and adhesion properties - better than any competitive coating on the market today.  Available only from Mold-Tech, Tribocoat® performance engineered Electroless Coating delivers better mold performance than any competitive product on the market. Its reliable delivery of reduced cycle time, effortless mold release, excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and competitive pricing all contribute to the perfect solution for every Electroless Nickel–Teflon® enriched plating process requirement.

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