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Standex Engraving Mold-Tech (SEMT) is world-renowned for focusing on the details with surface textures that are beautiful and functional. This dedicated attention to the details permeates everything we do, including our approach to marketing our company around the globe.

This is why a new logo was created for the recently acquired GS Engineering, a market leader in the manufacture of highly specialized soft-trim texturized tooling. The thoughtfully designed logo now represents the value that GS Engineering has always brought to the market: innovative technology; speed of delivery; durability and performance. Updating the logo is another example of continuous improvement GS Engineering has been known for since its founding in 2004.

As an identifier for the brand, the logo has to communicate a lot in a small space to make a memorable impression. The bold “GS” commands centre stage as a reflection of the durability and strength of our products and services. The forward slant of the initials is synonymous with our speed of delivery and carries the eye forward, representing how the company is constantly looking into the future. The pixelated detail on the upper tail of the “S” is a clever nod to the deposition, spray and powder slush technology with the positive or red squares, and also suggestive of the vacuum technology with the negative or white squares.

New GS Engineering Logo – Stacked Version
New GS Engineering Logo – Horizontal Version

The use of a sans-serif font for the word “Engineering” is a modern choice borrowed from the Mold-Tech typeface in the SEMT logo to represent a connection to the global network. The lean of the GS initials also mirrors the slant of the abstract “S” symbol in the Standex logo to provide an additional link, which is also evident in the choice of the identical red and black colour scheme.

This symbolic relationship to SEMT’s logo reflects how GS Engineering customers can expect the same level of attentive service and commitment to quality that has been the foundation of the company’s success, but now globally supported through SEMT’s 46 locations in 23 countries.

The new logo is the first step in a much larger promotional strategy for GS Engineering to make a meaningful impression as the technologies are marketed around the world.

Original GS Engineering Logo
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