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Inspiration becomes a reality in new featured video

How do you turn a spark of inspiration into reality? This is the question answered throughout the new architexture website

The website was created to attract those looking for design partners who understand the specific challenges of creating a texture for the future and can follow an idea virtually taken out of the ether, from a bespoke design straight through to production. To effectively communicate this concept of making the intangible tangible, we turned to the limitless possibilities of computer-generated imagery as a unique feature on the new site.

In the video, we watch a phoenix rise from the ashes, then a single fiery feather falls from the sky, lands on a drawing board and inspires a variety of textures. Fragments of the grain expand and then fall into place like puzzle pieces to create the final feather texture perfectly wrapped fit-to-form. At this point, we transition from digital imagery into live footage of a model running her hand over the surface of the form. From fantasy to reality in under two minutes!

The video and the new site tell the story of our collaborative process; Design, Verify and Produce. Architexture turns the spark of an idea – however fanciful – into an actual surface texture thoughtfully designed for beauty and function.

Every aspect of the site is aligned with the notion of making something out of inspiration, positioning our architexture teams “as established leaders in the design of bespoke textures, we are not choosers of what already exists, but rather, we are inventors of the new.”

The three sections of Design, Verify and Produce explain in detail how our collaborative process and proprietary technology turn dreams into reality. Visitors can explore inspirational “mood boards” on the Collection page and view the real-world textures that were created as a result. There is also a Latest News section to share project stories from our designers and highlight new events and industry trends. To watch the video and explore the new site, visit

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