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Expert Craftsmanship Reduces Potential of Lost Profits

Perfection is the only option when it comes to manufacturing parts. That’s why when a texture is damaged, our skilled technicians launch a rescue mission to turn back time.

The stakes can be very high with the chance of missing deliveries at risk. A damaged mold can transform a highly efficient production line into a comatose, mechanical monster napping on a pillow of wasted profits, piling up with every aggravating snore. On-call, on-site texture repair services can wake up stalled production lines by restoring the damaged area back to harmonious perfection.

For example, a customer recently called us facing the threat of shutting down the plant because of a carbon fiber texture that had become damaged. They were in danger of incurring steep penalties for missed deliveries. Our technicians went to the facility and laser-welded the exact area of damage, then laid out the pattern to blend it back in without distortion. The previous alternative would have been to polish out the damaged area and re-grain the entire cavity, costing valuable time and money. With on-site texture repair, these costly delays were avoided, and the customer successfully met their delivery targets.

Repair Needed

Damaged Part

Repair Complete (tool)

Epoxy Cast (part)

Other companies don’t have access to our exclusive technology and expertise craftsmanship to repair intricate geometric patterns on complex, contoured surfaces like a B-Pillar.

In this rescue mission, we realigned a pattern that had been digitally applied fit-to-form on the tool. Similar to recreating the alignment of delicate threads in a finely woven tapestry, we used our Render-Tech process to digitally re-apply the texture characteristics for an invisible repair. Executed with precise craftsmanship, this quality of service is simply incomparable in the market.

Damaged Steel Insert

Damaged Part

Repaired Steel Insert

Before and After Match

Mis-matched grains can also be harmonized undetected with careful precision.

In this example, the leather grain slide at the end of the part – a glove box door surround – was not matched as shown in the left photo. The match needed to be invisible, and the technicians were challenged with working in a tight area that was already grained, with very small clearance.

The project was success, and the match was perfected on the post-grain steel, undetected.

As the world leader in the art and science of texturing, you have access to the best source for mold surface repair. A texture can be lightened in a local area to help the mold run smoothly. Also, welds can be reworked to blend in undetected and burrs can be removed without risk of flash or parting line damage.

With 46 facilities in 23 countries, we provide the exclusive technology and expertise you need for any texture repair rescue mission – and also texture design, engraving and other tooling performance services through our One Partner selection of services.

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