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Case Study Website Launched

Join us as we explore the art of the possible with an internal design brief called the Manta Project. We have been documenting every step of its development process from texture inspirations and verifying our designs with wrapped models through to engraving and finally producing parts.

We understand the frustrations of working with multiple suppliers, which can be complex, expensive and time-consuming.

So to demonstrate how – as one partner – we can support your project from beginning to end, we’ve launched a new Case Study website for the Manta Project with documentary-style videos showing each step of the process.

Studio Wrapping Pictures
Leather Samples

We’ve sent camera crews around the world for this project which involves every region, starting at our architexture design studios in the UK, China and the USA.

We recognize that the market is shifting away from traditional leather-look grains to find alternatives that align with progressive design movements, aimed to satisfy a more environmentally focused public. As a result, the architexture teams have developed beautiful textures that work just as hard to hide molding flaws as traditional leather grains.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how inspiration becomes reality by visiting The Manta Project site and find out why a graceful underwater creature that looks like its flying was chosen as our model for this innovative project.

Join us for a deep dive into our latest adventure of discovery.


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Panel Session: “The Art of the Possible”

Our team of experts will discuss The Manta Project in a virtual event hosted by Car Design News called Design Dialogues on July 14, 2021 and available to stream after the session. Entitled “The Art of the Possible” four of our subject experts will explain the challenges and successes we’ve faced with the Manta and how the latest technology is working to provide solutions for our customers on a truly global scale. You can register your attendance by visiting: