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Preparing to receive an embossing roller that’s nearly 9 meters long (29 feet) takes almost as much time as it does to engrave the massive roller itself.

9 Meter Rolle

Mold-Tech UK recently engraved a spray texture on one of the largest rollers they’ve ever received, building a special tent inside the plant to control ventilation during the etching process. This massive roller is for a company that produces sheeting used on construction sites as a membrane for concrete flooring and also for lining riverbeds, to mention just a few applications.

Mike Owen,
Sales Manager, UK

It takes tremendous teamwork to prepare for this kind of work said Michael Owen, Sales Manager, UK. “We have to plan the build and the engraving process to perfectly align with all departments on the shop floor. This normally will take up to two weeks to assemble everything and then another one to two weeks to engrave. We always welcome the opportunity to take in work of this size, however it does cause challenges when we are moving mold tools around, so planning is key to our success.”

Michael explained that the team has handled rollers with diameters even larger than this one, up to 1.75 meters (5.7 feet) which require custom built frames to hold it in place and scaffolding to allow our technicians to stand above the roller and engrave it. Specially sized acid troughs are built and then our machine is moved into place to drive the smaller roller that engraves the final piece.

Mold-Tech UK and Mold-Tech Portugal are our two locations manufacturing embossing rollers, providing dedicated technical support and on-site maintenance for all customer locations. Custom texture designs are developed by Architexture Roll-Tech for both beauty and function. Michael is the single point of contact for all roller inquiries and explains that Bronx Engineering is our global partner providing embossing machines.

We provide a wide variety of markets with embossed rollers:

  • Leather and vinyl embossing for automotive OEMs
  • Paper products such as cards, tissue paper and wrapping paper
  • Paper towels and tissue market
  • Metal embossing
  • Decking boards for PVC & composite materials
  • Plastic extrusion for shower trays and bathroom cladding
  • Digital print films for photo paper
  • Packaging

Contact Michael Owen, Sales Manager, UK at:, mobile: +44 797-067-0445

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