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Architexture design consultancy lit up the night at Car Design Night Geneva, held on the evening of the first press day for the city’s famous Motor Show in March. Hosted in an industrial-styled nightclub, several hundred senior design executives were invited to this exclusive event to mingle with industry friends and colleagues.

The architexture team designed a display that used the darkened club atmosphere to their advantage, attracting visitors with tall cylinders brightly lit from within, wrapped with variations of a feather texture and the logo. The feather texture is the same pattern found on the recently launched website, featuring a video telling the story of how the grain was inspired by a phoenix. The illuminated cylinders created a spectacular backdrop for an instrument panel also wrapped in the same feather texture found on the lights, showing an example of their real-world application.

The simplicity and functionality of the display speaks to what architexture does best – and helped tell the story of its Design, Verify and Produce process. The display generated so much interest, several visitors inquired if the team also specialized in set decoration!

During this prestigious event, Car Design News released their highly anticipated annual review book. The sixth in a series, this hardcover collector’s edition includes an article about the three architexture studios and the breakthrough technology that inspired the story’s headline: “A tectonic shift in textures.”