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Dynamic artistry draws emotional response

For the first time, LA-based contemporary artist Rolland Berry transferred one of his brilliantly spray-painted art pieces onto a vehicle with gorgeous results.

He was invited to work on this Aston Martin DB11 by Galpin Motor Sports, an award-winning custom car and automobile repair shop in Van Nuys, California. This art piece was on display in Galpin’s after-market showcase at the LA Autoshow.

It took Berry over 100 hours in Abode Illustrator to manipulate the energetic, saturated palate of his original wall art onto the 3D form of the car to create this effect of dynamic movement. The lines wrapping around the roof and flowing down to the wheels had to connect proportionately and without any pixilation.

Berry is well known as an artist who blurs the line between fine art and graffiti, creating traditionally sized paintings as well as massive urban murals. He works in spray paint because it delivers instant gratification.

The colours are immediate, vibrant, and emotional, full of the movement of his entire body as he sweeps the can over the surface. He will even break the can open and use the explosion as an effect as he fills in large fields of colour on the wall.

Given the success of this initial project, Berry has many more plans to continue his 3D work, including a fleet of yachts that will be wrapped in New York City, turning these boats into beautiful pieces of art on the Hudson River.

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