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Architexture UK now offers Texture Design & Refinement Workshops

Creativity has been given space to spark, flourish and quickly produce tangible results with a new Texture Design and Refinement Workshop offered in the Architexture studio in Manchester, UK.

Designers are invited to immerse themselves in the new purpose-built studio to collaborate with the Architexture team and explore the capabilities of our texture print technologies to develop potential grains. This in-person, hands-on workshop gives you the opportunity to learn from our experienced designers, gaining knowledge that will fuel your creativity to quickly accomplish a design within a much shorter time than it would take to develop it remotely.

Feedback from our recent guests described the environment as perfect and the process as fast, easy and “not at all like work.”

During the workshop, creative ideas can immediately be researched, then developed into a digital format, refined to your specifications, and finally printed into a physical sample to examine for any further modifications.

This process is demonstrated in full detail with various samples on display that walk guests through the steps of Design, Verify and Produce explored in The Manta Project. From concept, through to design research and exploration, verification modelling, master tooling, then to the final product, the IMG skin. The Manta Project provides a source of inspiration for guests to envision how their product can become a reality with collaboration and advanced technology.

Spend a night or two in Manchester, UK for a workshop that will help you get your product to market fast, and even spark new ideas for your next one.

To discover how you can work smarter, save time, save money and deliver more, contact:

Finn Robinson
Business Development Manager, Architexture UK / EMEA / Manchester
Cromwell Road Trading Estate SK6 2RF Bredbury, Cheshire England
office +44 161 406 4300  | mobile +44 739-301-1644
email  |  web

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